Hello world!

“Hi this is your neighbor, you just had  a house fire…”

This house fire happened to me last year and it was one of the toughest situations in my life. My garage caught on fire when I was 2 hours away from the wife and kids. Here is a picture of the garage after the fire. As you can see the whole house filled up with smoke, most of the contents in the garage was burned up or was heavily damaged by the heat or smoke.

Little did I know that the journey to get the house fully restored required every bit of ingenuity I could muster. I encountered a whole spectrum of characters, good and bad that affected my life in profound ways. My background in business and software development was key in being persistent and methodical about maximizing my claim. Ultimately things ended working out for my family, but once I did a little research, I found an industry rife with unscrupulous vendors and insurance companies. Story after story, I heard of how some cleaning companies swindled an elderly couple out of $30K just so that they can gin up a fake reason why their old clothes had to be “restored”.

If I had one key take away from this whole ordeal is that you need to be patient. The vendors want you to rush into contracts with them (think used car salesmen on steroids), and the insurance company wants to delay finalizing a claim to wear you down. Keep your head about you, and don’t make any impetuous decisions.

I will have many more stories to tell, research to give and hopefully it will help you out of your situation.